I have MOVED to a NEW BLOG.


New Blog going live....

Its almost ready...I will have about 3-4 new posts on it, and then after those I have some wedding posts coming. It will go live Wed or Thursday night. THANKS for the patient people waiting to see their stuff!



I have had a crazy scheduling marathon the last week and I still have ONE last Cedar opening THIS friday Sept 25th in the late afternoon. This is the last opening for any Cedar or St. George sessions this year.

I am coming in October but that weekend is already booked and I wont be making any more business trips until next year for seniors. Thanks!

email me if you want it. ;) I wont be taking minis...JUST families, bridals, or seniors. thanks guys!



got a new blog on the way.... until then here is one of the last posts on blogger. ;)


Go visit my Mommy Models Blog if you want to see a post of mine. hehe Please go visit my new spotlight Lisa...and comment on how beautiful she is.

ps... I now have an opening this SATURDAY if someone wants family pictures or a mini. Email me! I also have one more family opening in Cedar City the weekend of the 26th on Friday. Otherwise I am booked until November. ;)

(Spot for this Saturday is filled...I am still taking one full family session in Cedar on Friday Sept 25th) thanks!


It was not easy getting this shot...

...but totally worth it.


um....i love them!

This session was the claim from Liz winning RUNNER up from the Mommy Models session which was a mini $150 give-away....HOWEVER.... heaven is on my side because Liz had something I wanted so we traded for a full fam session. (i have 2 fun new little projects coming up....but they are a secret)

there were too many that i thought would be perfect blown up wall portraits...

he is SO handsome...seriously he will have to beat the women off of him......

and she will be ms. top-of-her-class-popular-dance queen that is not ever allowed to date accorded to dad.

hmmmm can you tell who LOVED taking this picture???? (hint: he is squished in the middle) seriously this might be one of my top favs...

so glad they brought their furry baby...

hi there.

I have recently just moved up to Utah County area and am willing to travel for shoots. I will be making trips to Cedar City and St. George area once every couple of months if you are interested in catching me on those days, either email me or watch on my blog for announcements.

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